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Introducing Atreus Law, a boutique law firm committed to providing exceptional legal services to clients around the world. Our team of experienced legal professionals specialize in various practice areas including Corporate and Commercial Law, Contract Creation and Review, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance, Privacy and Data Protection Compliance, Fintech Services and D2C legal services.


We provide customized legal solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients, whether they are individuals, businesses, or organizations. At Atreus Law, we have a deep understanding of the complexities of the global legal landscape and offer a range of legal services that help our clients navigate these intricacies efficiently.


We provide holistic approach in maximizing client's satisfaction, by offering higher level of services, in-time solution, exercising greater insights to understand the clients' sectors and requirements.


Whether you are based in India or anywhere else in the world, Atreus Law is here to provide you with the legal services you need to succeed.



Corporate and Commercial Law

  1. Mergers and acquisitions

  2. Corporate governance

  3. Contracts

  4. Intellectual property

  5. Banking and finance

  6. Employment law

Fintech Services

  1. Regulatory Compliance

  2. Intellectual Property Protection

  3. Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Review

  4. Corporate Governance

  5. Data Privacy and Security

  6. Financing Transactions

  7. Dispute Resolution

Privacy and Data Protection Compliance

To ensure that our clients' data is protected and that they comply with the relevant laws and regulations related to privacy and data protection, our law firm offers specialized legal services in this area.

Contract Creation and Review

We provide a range of services, including contract drafting, review, and negotiation, contract interpretation, and contract management. We ensure that our clients receive customized contracts that meet their specific business requirements and advise them on legal and regulatory compliance matters in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Regulatory Compliance

We have extensive experience in advising clients on regulatory compliance issues in various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, data protection, and government contracting, among others.

Private Equity (PE) & Venture Capital

At Atreus Law, we recognize the global importance of funding transactions, such as venture capital and private equity deals, and the critical role they play in businesses worldwide.



Atreus Law acts as an In-house Counsel instead of just a law firm. This approach provides the below benefits:

  • Accessible legal support: An in-house counsel law firm is available to provide legal advice and support to the company's executives, management team, and employees on an ongoing basis. This helps ensure that the company can make informed legal decisions quickly and efficiently.

  • Cost savings: Rather than hiring an internal legal team, which can be expensive, a company can retain an in-house counsel law firm to provide legal support as needed. This can result in cost savings for the company.

  • Deep understanding of the company: An in-house counsel law firm has a deep understanding of the company's business operations, culture, and legal needs. This allows the law firm to provide tailored legal advice and support that is specific to the company's needs.

  • Flexibility: As the company's legal needs change over time, the in-house counsel law firm can adjust its services accordingly. This flexibility helps ensure that the company always has the legal support it needs, when it needs it.

  • Seamless integration: An in-house counsel law firm can integrate seamlessly into the company's existing legal department, if one exists, and work collaboratively with internal legal staff to provide the best possible legal support to the company.



founder atreus


Aastha is a legal professional, a Gujarat National Law University alumni (five years integrated course) with thirteen years of litigation, corporate and commercial law experience. She is experienced in all aspects of business transactions including risks identification and mitigation.


Aastha is a seasoned corporate lawyer with expertise in handling complex work across multiple jurisdictions, in diverse industries. Her global reach of work spans The United States of America, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Africa and other countries. She has advised and represented global conglomerates, prominent Indian business houses, industrialists, in a wide gamut of cross border work. She has prior experience with M2P Fintech, muti national companies Mastercard India and Singapore/APAC, ICICI Bank, DSM India/Netherlands and Moserbaer Projects Private Limited.



Featured on the Cover Page of Women Entrepreneur Magazine, 2022 as one of the prominent General Counsel of India.



Legal Era (Presented by Accenture) Women in Law Excellence Award 2021.

Featured in the Forbes Legal Power List 2021 as one of the Top General Counsel of India, awarded by Honorable Law Minister, Mr. Kiren Rijiju.



Won the Mastercard Exceptional Sales Performance Award for year 2019.

Won Award on Collaboration and Customer Focus at Mastercard.

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Bangalore, India


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